Become a Conscious and Mindful Leader in Just 6 Weeks

Sound too good to be true?


But the truth is, it’s not. Inside all of us lies a great capacity to use our consciousness and natural abilities to become a capable, authentic, and mindful leader.

Do you struggle with

  • Acting in complete authenticity and finding your inner voice?
  • Understanding your guiding principles and values to find your true north?
  • Understanding how to harness your mindset to become more aware?
    effectively communicate with your team/employees?
  • Embodying compassion and empathy for all types of situations?
    making decisions that are thoughtful and purposeful?
  • Finding a healthy balance between your mind, body, and spirit to manage stress?
  • Effectively communicate with your team/employees?

The program starts November 14th, 2018 

If you answered yes to any or all of the above struggles, you’re not being the most effective and capable leader you were born to be.

It’s no secret that so many of the world leaders that exude confidence continue to develop deeper self-awareness and evolve by synergistically working with their peers and coworkers by unlocking their strengths and sharpening their weakness consistently.

But are YOU?

The Path to Conscious Leadership –

6 Modules to Mastery

is a 6-week group training program, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Many corporations choose to provide ineffectual training for their teams and leaders that don’t truly address the aspects and characteristics of an authentic and conscious leader. Instead, these programs focus on exterior processes and systems rather than looking inside of a person to use their natural abilities and gifts they were born with, and how to develop their moral compass to become an agent of positive change.

What is a Conscious Leader?

Conscious Leaders can be defined as those individuals that inspire and bring out the very best in those around them, foster transformation and manage beyond conventional profits. They focus on serving a higher purpose combined with the mission of the organization, and support their employees and create value for the stakeholders.

That’s why The Path to Conscious Leadership was born – to give you a proven training guide that will awaken your consciousness to raise your awareness and fully harness your authenticity as a leader.


I worked with Rod on a project while he was the leader of Western Canada in a large national organization. Rod’s focus on his people and care for their well being, their contribution and development was clearly evident. As a result of his efforts, his teams were supportive, engaged and motivated, which helped to further his vision. Interestingly enough, his ability to both manage and lead up the org chart with senior management was abundantly clear, and they frequently sought his counsel and input on the state of play.

Rod was and is able to bring insight and guidance on how to develop a dynamic culture, improve engagement, and fulfillment for staff and the organization as a whole. Rod was constantly looking for ways to make his company, his people, and himself better by learning and growing by cultivating a culture of learning at his company.

I recommend Rod for his services as a trainer and coach on Conscious and Authentic Leadership as I have seen him “IN THE LAB” of his successful company doing this good work. Rod sees the value of creating an open and mindful Culture and brings his knowledge, experience, and skills together in his training company for those that want to have a powerful shift in how they operate in today’s complex world M. Tascoma

President – Deliberate Selling – Sales Training and Coaching

The Path

During this 6-week program, you will dive deeply into a program that will uncover the wisdom of your mind, body, and spirit in “The Path”, an intimate process of self-discovery. “The Path” offers an identity- based approach to leader development. This program will assist you in finding out what kind of leader you are meant to be, and what your purpose truly is. You will be a beacon of strength and hope within your organization that will contribute to developing a robust, healthy, and Conscious Culture within your organization. These skills help you:

  • handle adversity with poise and compassion
  • become more self-aware and self-accepting, and improve resiliency
  • locate the inner genius at the intersection of your passions and strengths
  • Identify and lead from your personal core values for the best impact
  • understand what actually inspires you and motivate others to create a more efficient and cohesive team
  • transform into a brilliant world-class communicator and coach to accelerate results and inspire your team to greatness
  • help others become authentic leaders

Here’s a Look at What We Will Cover:

Module 1 - The Authentic You - Laying the Right Foundation

  • What does it mean to be authentic and aware?
  • How to leverage your inner voice for maximum impact
  • How do your crucibles impact your leadership style?
  • Understanding your Natural Strengths for World Class Leverage
  • Understanding Life Values and how they impact motivation
  • Embrace Leading with complete integrity and Finding Your True North

Module 2 - The Mindset of the Conscious Leader

  • Open and Flexible Mindset vs Closed and Fixed – Understanding and Awareness
  • The Gap in Leadership and the Betrayal of Our True Selves
  • How to Inspire vs Motivate
  • What are your principles and values and how do you find your true north?
  • Feedback loop for Leadership Development and Growth

Module 3 - Conscious Communication - To Understand and Be Understood

  • The Heart of Leadership: Communication
  • Your Internal Dialogue – Self-Talk & The Power of Affirmations
  • Deep Listening & Impactful Speech – How to Speak so People Listen
  • Emotional Intelligence Toolkit for World Class Communication

Module 4 - Compassionate Coaching

  • Why Coaching is the Primary Lever to Transform Your People
  • How to Integrate “The Coaching Style” of Leadership in Your Business
  • Why Hard-working Managers who Have Good Intentions but Lack the Tools Will Still Fail
  • How to Change Your Habits Around Your Staff Responses and Interaction for Greater Success
  • The 7 Best Coaching Questions that are Critical for Your Practice that You Can Use NOW

Module 5 - Deliberate and Intuitive Decision Making

  • Leveraging Your Internal Wisdom and the Mind Share of Your Team
  • Leading the Way with Understanding and Compassion – True North Principles
  • Connecting to a Greater and Emerging Future – U Process from MIT
  • The Power of Intention in Leading

Module 6 - The Culture of Mindfulness - Developing Mind + Body + Spirit Balance

  • Learning Ancient Tools of Mindfulness to Find Peace, Calm, and Fulfillment
  • What Your Body Needs for Greater Health
  • Why Meditation and Breathing Can Change Your Health, Outlook, and Relationships Now
  • How to Maintain Your Composure and Clarity in Stressful Times
  • Develop Your Foundation by Connecting with Your True Spirit

Take this transformative journey along with other emerging world leaders to become the authentic, powerful leader you were born to be.

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This investment will include:


  • Access to 6 life-changing modules moderated live by the Founder of ELS
  • (1) 3-hour session per week (equates to half-day modules)
  • Detailed Workbook complete with exercises
  • 1 – 60 minute Coaching Session per attendee with Founder Rod C Ezekiel
  • Certificate of Completion of “The Path to Conscious Leadership.”
  • E Book of Your Soul’s Quest – By Author Rod C Ezekiel
  • Private Community Access for Authentic and Mindful Leaders


With my focus on developing positive and dynamic solutions for my clients, I worked with Rod Ezekiel on many projects. Rod was able to bring high-level insight and guidance on how to develop culture, greater engagement, and fulfillment for staff and the organization as a whole. Rod was able to provide tools, guidance and interesting valued-added solutions for the clients we worked with to improve their companies.

I recommend Rod for his services as a training and coach on Conscious and Authentic Leadership and how to develop a Mindful Culture, that utilize his knowledge, experience, and skills in a powerful and cohesive offering. Scott Holden

Senior Benefits Consultant – Excel

About Rod C. Ezekiel

Rod C. Ezekiel is an entrepreneur, executive, workshop leader of teams, professional speaker, and published author of “Your Soul’s Quest”, and has been involved in business management and wellness for over 25 years. Rod has recently worked with Jack Canfield ( Chicken Soup for the Soul) and is a Canfield Certified Transformational Coach. Rod has the been called “The Mindful Management Consultant” and enjoys working with leaders who want to raise their companies to the next level through compassion, understanding and authenticity. Through his varied career, Rod has studied success , wellness and human behavior with ownership in five companies and has translated this knowledge to help others find great success in business and in life. Through coaching and workshops, Rod’s goal is to help leaders, executives and teams take a mindful and conscious development approach for maximum success.