Good day Leaders,

2018 is just about finished and soon to be in the books. How do you feel about what you have accomplished? 2019 is just around the corner and our company can help you find a new level of profitability, success, retention, and activity.

Leaders and managers have unique challenges. How can we have maximum impact on our people to help them achieve our goals and collective efforts, and feel inspired? How well is the messaging getting through to the staff? How effective am I in managing the challenges my people bring me?  Businesses that will move beyond survival to grow and thrive must have top level leaders and managers to handle these challenges to be more productive and profitable.

We must be able to find keep and motivate the very best people. Your managers are key !

At ELS, we offer Performance Coaching for Leaders to allow your managers to :

  1. Select the right people for the right work
  2. Be able to tap into passion and intrinsic and internal motivation factors for maximum output
  3. To be considered a coach vs a boss that is focused on development and successful growth of their individual team members
  4. Offer superior communication and negotiation methods to allow the business to continue to grow, overcome obstacles and road blocks and thrive.
  5. Clearly demonstrate the right values and actions to develop and maintain and healthy culture

I would like to set up a call if you are interested in developing your managers to become better and find greater success and profits for your company to start 2019.

If you would like to set up an exploratory call to review how we may be able to help just email me at or call me at 1877 464 5664. 

You can also access my calender here to book a time

Let’s discuss how we may be able to help and start planning to make 2019 the very best year ever !

To your success, health, and happiness,

Rod C Ezekiel

New results will require different behaviours and activity. ELS