Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Path to Becoming an Authentic Leader

Rod C. Ezekiel, Chief Learning Officer – Ezekiel Learning SOULutions

22 March 2016

The world has changed. We are living in the world of advanced technology and unlimited knowledge. We value speed and immediacy and have sacrificed quality, patience , kindness and wisdom in the process.

– Command and Control does not work any longer
– Change is a part of the world and environments everywhere
– Technology is improving and disrupting our lives in interesting ways
– Trust is low for many companies and leaders and is foundational to lead and motivate
– Loyalty is a rare commodity with many staff moving every 2 years or less
– People have access to massive amounts of information and data and can be deemed knowledge workers but are having challenges around feeling fulfilled
– Anxiety, peer pressure, and malaise are commonplace today and getting worse, tools are needed to manage these issues that continue to mount
– People want mentors to exemplify an ideal and to help them to lead earlier so there is a need for strong authentic, conscious examples in their exec ranks
– People want to find a cause or purpose to believe in and the leaders that can clearly define and articulate this vision will succeed.

Significance and meaning are paramount for staff today. How does our company impact the world and what benefit does it bring?

In our training programs on authentic leadership, we review the challenges leaders face. By providing awareness of the most common challenges ELS, can help leaders avoid such roadblocks in their journey.

The Six Hazards of Leadership Development are:


2. Rationalizer

3. Glory Seeker

4. Loner

5. Shooting Star

6. Wrong Intention