Mindful Success Principles for Work and Life

Rod C. Ezekiel, Chief Learning Officer – Ezekiel Learning SOULutions

23 August 2018

Mindful Success Principles for Work and Life –

Authentic Leadership, World Class Mindset and Conscious Communication strategies to change your business and your life.

After owning 5 different companies and being accomplished in high level sales in a few billion-dollar organizations, I want to share with you a collective of characteristics of the very best leaders and organizations have that you can integrate into your business and life for incredible success and fulfillment and happiness. In the past 5 years I have studied and worked with over 350 organizations and leaders with a focus on high performing culture and effectiveness, employee engagement, and profitability. This study allowed me to create “The Eight Pillars of Authentic Conscious and Mindful Leadership”.

They are:

  1. Authenticity – Honoring of Self and Others, and being True to my personal values
  2. 100% Responsibility and being Present.
  3. Curious and Open – Learning Mindset & Flexible Approach
  4. Conscious Communication – Wisdom and Understanding.
  5. Integrity, Kindness, with Gentle Forthright Candor.
  6. Teams as Allies – Collective presence of authentic and compassionate teams
  7. Be the Resolution & Challenge the Status Quo – Be an Agent for Conscious Change
  8. Appreciation, Fun, and Balance.

While all of the characteristics impact culture, motivation, engagement and success, there are three overarching themes that really stand out if you wish to create a world class high performing culture with stellar leadership. The three primary foundations are Authentic Leadership, Open and Flexible Mindset, and Conscious Communication that all intersect and create a mindful practice that is beneficial for your staff, clients and productivity. one of the pillars may be the most powerful.
Ezekiel Learning Solutions offers training programs that can help you shift your organization to become a world class Mindful Culture that develops, fulfils, and energizes your employees. The result is higher levels of engagement, effectiveness and profitability.

1. What is authentic, conscious and mindful leadership and why is it critical for you and your business? What are the Six pitfalls of leadership to avoid? ( You can’t miss this !)

2. Mindful Leadership – The Power of Presence, Mindset, Values and the Eight Pillars of Conscious Culture and Authentic Leadership – The Most Important Characteristics of an Authentic and Conscious Leader. ( Yes you can change !) How to shift into a high performing operation with raving fans and loyal and motivated staff, (Based on a study of 350+ organizations)

3. Conscious Communication – The keys to getting to a collaborative YES faster and create a Healthy and Dynamic Culture. “The Gift” that can transform how you work, your culture and how you impact your clients.