Authentic Leadership

Rod C. Ezekiel, Chief Learning Officer – Ezekiel Learning SOULutions

23 August 2018

Authentic Leadership – The Foundation of a Healthy Conscious Culture

The world today needs a new kind of leader. The vastness of information and technology requires us to have a different approach, strategy and mindset to lead in the new world. The leader of today is authentic, humble and is striving for self-awareness of their abilities, strengths, and areas of challenge and opportunity. They are in the moment and respond to what present requires and encourages their people to do the same. They are mindful so that they can stay present to learn from what is being unfolded within their business, with their customers and their teams.

What are the characteristics of an authentic, mindful and conscious leader?

“The world today needs a new kind of leader…”

What do authentic and conscious leaders do?

They readily align people around a common purpose that inspires them to peak performance

They understand that emotional intelligence is more important than just being the smartest person in the room. Men and woman are motivated by kindness, care and compassion. We thrive on dignity and recognition and appreciate for what we are and what we do. We want to learn and grow and develop and use our abilities to the highest level we can. An authentic and mindful leader sees each person as a loving individual that can contribute to the greater good uniquely and with importance.

They unite people around a common set of values so that everyone knows precisely what is expected

They empower others to step up and lead so that people throughout the organization are highly motivated and give their best

They are in constant dialogue with all constituencies; as leaders, they bear the responsibility of engaging not only shareholders, but customers, employees, and communities as well.

Being authentic as a leader creates a virtuous cycle. Ther very best people will want to work with you, and as a result, performances will be superior, and you will be able to take on even greater challenges.

What are the primary characteristics of today’s effective leader? They are consistently:

  • Leading with self-awareness and an open mindset
  • Leading through values
  • Leading from your authentic self and honoring your unique genius.
  • Leading with internal wisdom from yourself and your support team.
  • Leading as a mentor and coach.
  • Leading as a better human being through kindness.
  • Leading with presence and grace