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A Fresh Approach

Finding a balance between workplace happiness and efficiency can seem like an impossible task. But it absolutely is achievable! There is hope in finding a management system that builds authentic leaders, who are equipped with communication skills, advanced coaching and mindset tools to develop a dynamic high performing healthy culture.

Take your team to the next level by providing key support to your leaders and managers with the right tools based in compassion and understanding. Now is the time to show your team what it’s like to have a strong leader. With our two-fold approach to teaching and training, your team will leave with knowledge surrounding communication, intrapersonal skills, authentic leadership, and deep dives into practices and exercises that will bring abundance to the workplace.

With the multiple modality and customization approach to training, we offer an in-person workshop model as well as webinar based group coaching programs that brings virtual sessions to your business to build on those skills regularly and effectively.

Let’s Work Together


The key to having a strong team is to have strong communication skills that cultivate deep understanding. When a team can speak confidently, respectfully, and knowledgeably to each other, cooperation is higher and productivity skyrockets. Learn more about how to bring these trainings to your team today. Learn More

Great Leaders

Every business should be equipped with great leaders, and this includes your business. Providing the best training the leaders in your management level positions will ensure the success of your business from the very beginning. Learn more about training opportunities for your business here. Learn More


Looking for great education and continued learning opportunities? This is the place for you. With ongoing educational opportunities, your management team and employees will feel valued, heard, and skilled. These are the top ingredients you need for a strong team to bring your business to the level you want. Learn more about the educational resources that are available to you and your team here.  Learn More

The time to build a strong dependable business is now.

That core strength comes from within your business. With over 25 years of experience, our tools and trainings bring a level of expertise and excitement to training you’ve never seen before with a basis in compassion and understanding. Ready to see what your business can look like with the right people and right skills?
That core strength comes from within your business. With over 25 years of experience, our tools and trainings bring a level of expertise and excitement to training you’ve never seen before with a basis in compassion and understanding. Ready to see what your business can look like with the right people and right skills?

Your Soul’s Quest

Your business should match your true life’s purpose. It should light you up from the inside out and provide a sense of accomplishment and pride. If you are struggling to find your life’s purpose, you can now get the complete book on determining your Soul Strengths you were born with, what your unique life values are, and how they impact your motivation. You will also learn how to change your limiting beliefs to powerful affirming beliefs that can shift your life for the better. Your Soul’s Quest will also help you use all of this incredible knowledge about yourself to create a Success Blueprint of Goals that are perfectly built for you and are in alignment with your authentic self and your soul!

What People Are Saying About “Your Soul’s Quest”

“Very thought provoking book including the Author’s own experiences which I believe is the best way to teach others. It most definitely opened my understanding to questions that I had constantly asked myself over the years. Now my appetite has been triggered to dig in deeper into the subject matter.

This book has opened my eyes to a different chapter of my life! I highly recommend reading it if you are curious about your purpose in this life.

I also had the opportunity to meet Rod personally and I must say he is a very credible and respectable man! Thank you Rod for this eye opener, you have no idea the direction it has given me. Now I can confidently operate in my strengths.

I can’t wait to read the sequel!” – Yasmin Zachary

Testimonial of "Your Soul's Quest"

“While reading, Your Soul’s Quest: Career Counselling for the Soul by Rod Ezekiel, my first reaction was, “Wow, this book is the real Trifecta…it gives insights and processes to nurture and develop your body, mind, and soul”.

His insight into the state of humanness in our glory and our messiness is comforting. The book provides insights sure to support all of us on our journey.

This book will help all of humanity achieve an ongoing higher consciousness and give every reader an instant “Uplift”.

My recommendation is this: instead of bringing chocolates or wine when visiting friends or family, bring this book instead!”

Alice Wheaton – Author – Sales Coach and Workshop Facilitator

Get In Touch


Hear from some of the individuals who have worked with Rod Ezekiel on finding their purpose, bringing skills and strength to their businesses, and how they brought them all together to create magic in their lives.

On Training

“As the manager of a busy fitness and wellness operation, I recently engaged Rod Ezekiel to do some training for our staff to enhance our culture. My goal was to provide some information, guidance, and tools for my team to improve morale, enhance communication and effectiveness of my staff. Rod delivered a powerful and information packaged presentation on Authentic Leadership and the principles behind this behavior and approach and how to use these tools regardless of your station in life to offer your best self at work and in life. Rod also presented information on how life values shaped our decisions and by understanding your own and the values of others you can work better, gain greater motivation for yourself and improve communications overall with less judgment. Rod also shared how taking responsibility was key for the organization to thrive and by finding solutions and working as a cohesive unit together with a shared vision of solving problems, we could be exceptional. Overall the presentation and tools provided were impactful, motivating and relevant to our goal of being the number one provider of fitness services in the world.” D.M.

Head Trainer & Manager, Health and Wellness Facility

“With my focus on developing positive and dynamic solutions for my clients, I worked with Rod Ezekiel on many projects. Rod was able to bring high-level insight and guidance on how to develop culture, greater engagement, and fulfillment for staff and the organization as a whole. Rod was able to provide tools, guidance and interesting valued-added solutions for the clients we worked with to improve their companies.
I recommend Rod for his services as a training and coach on Conscious and Authentic Leadership and how to develop a Mindful Culture, that utilize his knowledge, experience, and skills in a powerful and cohesive offering.” S.H.

Senior Benefits Consultant, Excel

“Rod is a highly supportive professional. At my request, he recently developed and delivered a training session for my team of Account Managers on consultative sales. He did not hesitate to support and he delivered an outstanding session that perfectly met our expressed needs. He took the time to complete a needs assessment and he hit the mark perfectly. Feedback from the team echoes my feedback.” L.H.

Vice President North America, Ceridian LifeWorks

On Leadership and Management

“I worked with Rod on a project while he was the leader of Western Canada in a large national organization. Rod’s focus on his people and care for their well being, their contribution and development was clearly evident. As a result of his efforts, his teams were supportive, engaged and motivated, which helped to further his vision. Interestingly enough, his ability to both manage and lead up the org chart with senior management was abundantly clear, and they frequently sought his counsel and input on the state of play.

Rod was and is able to bring insight and guidance on how to develop a dynamic culture, improve engagement, and fulfillment for staff and the organization as a whole. Rod was constantly looking for ways to make his company, his people, and himself better by learning and growing by cultivating a culture of learning at his company.

I recommend Rod for his services as a trainer and coach on Conscious and Authentic Leadership as I have seen him “IN THE LAB” of his successful company doing this good work. Rod sees the value of creating an open and mindful Culture and brings his knowledge, experience, and skills together in his training company for those that want to have a powerful shift in how they operate in today’s complex world” M.Tascoma

President, Deliberate Selling – Sales Training and Coaching

“Rod is a senior manager with extensive experience in sales, business development and strategic development. He played an integral part of the Worldlynx success in planning, developing and building out our Western Region sales organization. Rod has a keen ability in developing and leading strong sales team……..he is an excellent leader with excellent leadership skills. He has a strong grasp of the sales process and is able to both build a strong rapport and influence key external/internal stakeholders. In addition to his extensive sales experience Rod is very strategic thinker with strong general management skills, dedicated employee that handles himself in up-most professional manner.” Matt De Iuiis

CEO and President, WorldLynx Wireless

“Rod is an exceptional leader and always delivered exceptional results. What has stood out for me, while working with Rod, is his integrity and professionalism. He has an acute business acumen and worked tirelessly to meet customers’ and Bell’s strategic imperatives. Customers and peers relied on Rod to deliver results. Rod is professional, trustworthy and honest. I would highly recommend Rod for any endeavor he decides to take on; he was an asset to our team.” Kim Lampen

Regional Manager, Shaw/Freedom Mobile

In my previous role with Bell I worked with Rod on multiple requests for his clients. He was always very detail oriented and meticulous in his approach which allowed for an exceptional experience both on the behind the scenes and at a client facing level. Rod’s leadership and management were excellent while I had him as a manager, helping bring me up to speed in the B2B sales market and always providing me with the tools and coaching necessary to be successful. His drive and passion for business and success is unsurpassed by anyone else I have come across in my career. Justin Laurie

Councillor, Stony Plain

“Rod Ezekiel is the most prolific leader I have had the privilege to work for. Rod accomplished great results in developing market plans, face to face strategies and enhancing key account growth. Rod is a passionate people manager who brings out the best in everyone he supports, always asking for and always acquiring best results from his team. His business acumen and portfolio of skills and abilities make him an exceptional leader and wonderful addition to any company fortunate enough to have him as part of your team.” Don F Misener

Regional Manager, Alberta Worldlynx Wireless

On Corporate Experience

“Rod’s work ethic and dedication at being a professional Business Consultant is with the highest standards of propriety and faultless. His attention to details is immaculate.” Marc Leclerc

Director Western Canada, Bell Mobility

“What a pleasure working with Rod! He is super knowledgeable and responsive with an excellent track record of forming long lasting, authentic and value-driven relationships with his customers.” Jason Buell

Head of Sales, United States LifeWorks

“Rod is the consummate Sales Professional and a top performer within our organization. I’ve worked with him for a number of years and have always found him to consistently bring a high level of energy and a personal touch to everything he does. His passion for Health & Well-Being is obvious to all those he interacts with and the personal relationships he creates while helping organizations build their Well-Being strategies are deeply authentic. Rod’s organizational, speaking, and relationship skills have made him an integral part of my team.” Graham Shaw

Head of Sales, Canada LifeWorks

The Conscious Leader

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